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The synthetic oil changes for your engine are easily your vehicle's most important maintenance task. To learn how you can stay on top of them better, read this post that in Waterford has prepared for you.

What is the most important part of your vehicle? The one that helps it run and allows you to get from point A to point B with little-to-no effort? If you answered 'the engine', you are correct! The engine and its moving components are a strong machine that get the different parts of your vehicle moving, so you can get to your destination. Still, as any other machine, your engine needs to be taken care of in order to continue working as expected for longer. To that end, it's necessary that you comply with the synthetic oil changes it requires to remain in top shape. But, if you're not the best at keeping up with the synthetic oil replacements your engine needs, don't worry. The following post will share tips on how you can be more responsible with them.

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How to Keep Up With Your Vehicle's Synthetic Motor Oil Changes

Learn of the Importance of the Synthetic Oil Changes

First of all, it may be that your neglect of the engine's synthetic oil changes is due to ignorance. For that reason, the first tip on how to be more responsible with them is to learn just how important they are and what can happen if you don't keep up with them. First, know that the synthetic oil coats the moving components in the engine. In doing so, it helps smooth out their processes and protects them from the friction that occurs when they brush against each other. That friction can increase the heat in the engine and can wear down the components after some time and use. This can result in annoying, dangerous, and expensive problems. When you don't change the oil with regularity, you leave your engine exposed to that negative consequences. This, because the oil thins out and becomes dirty over time, rendering it useless. ;

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Learn When to Change the Oil

You may know of the importance of a synthetic oil change, but you may not be aware of when exactly you need to perform those changes. If this is the reason why you haven't been keeping up with them, these are the signs that a synthetic oil change is due:
  • if you've driven over a certain amount of miles with one same oil, change it promptly.
  • if you've had the same oil for over a year (even if you haven't used your vehicle much), you will also have to change it.
  • a dipstick test will also be able to tell you if new oil is needed. Check that the oil's levels, its coloring, its texture, and more, are as intended. If they aren't, provide an oil replacement soon.
  • lastly, if your vehicle is telling you that it needs new oil, give it to it. For example, if the engine is jumpy and noisy, or if the sign of 'Change Oil' on the dashboard lights up, then it's time for a change.
Note that a mechanic or your owner's manual will provide more accurate information for your own vehicle.

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Remember to Get the Replacements Done

Finally, if your disregard for the changes is due to poor memory, then there are things you can do to be reminded of them:
  • set an alarm on your smartphone for every six months. Label the alarm 'synthetic oil change' so you know what you're being reminded of.
  • keep records of the synthetic oil changes on a notebook. When you change the oil, write down the date and how many bottles you used.
  • you can always turn to others to share the burden. If you share the vehicle, share the responsibility of remembering its replacements.
  • the easiest option is to sign up for a reminder service. Ask the dealership or the auto shop you go to notify you whenever the oil is due.

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