The International 500 Endurance Snowmobile Race, known as the I-500, races every year the 1st week of February. The I-500 is in Sault Sainte Marie, Michigan on the only one-mile ice oval snowmobile track in North America. This year will be the 50th Anniversary of the I-500, "known as the GRAND DADDY of snowmobile endurance racing, the I-500 is the world’s longest, fastest, toughest, and most-exciting oval race event." (

Professional athletes from all over the U.S. and Canada ride the monster mile in hopes of winning the prominent race, and adding their names to the history books of snowmobile racing. Drivers reach speeds of near 100mph as they race to complete the 500 miles. Professional race teams, manufacturers, and drivers arrive a week prior to the I-500 main event. Time trials are held throughout the week and teams must qualify for the I-500. There are also many other races, and fun events throughout the week long event. The I-500 Green Flag is 10am on Saturday and racing teams begin the 500 mile race.

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An extremely close race between the top 4 finishers. Congratulations to all teams competing in the 2018 I-500.

If interested in racing in the I-500 more info can be found on their website.   
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