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The Iron Dog is an over 2,000 mile snowmobile race in Alaska, known as the the world’s longest and toughest snowmobile race. Participants traverse Alaska’s most remote and rugged terrain while confronting some of the harshest winter conditions. Survival skills are essential, making it the World’s toughest snowmobile race. All teams in race classes are a team of two persons and two snowmobiles for safety.   The first Iron Dog snowmobile race event started in 1984 and was a 1,049 mile race. In 1993 the race was changed to a 2,000 mile race and has remained close to that mileage ever since. The course has had many routes over the years. Click Here to see the different race course routes and mileages of the past. Present day, the Iron Dog course is 2,031 miles long, and starts in Big Lake (Near Anchorage), racers race to Nome, and on the return trip finish in Fairbanks, making it the World’s Longest Snowmobile Race. Click Here to see an in-depth map of the 2018 Iron Dog Race Route.

This year AMSOIL is proud to be the Official Oil of Iron Dog. AMSOIL will provide snowmobile oil and lubricants during the Iron Dog, along with promotional items and prizes. Kevin Kastner, AMSOIL Racing and Event Marketing Manager said, " AMSOIL is excited to be the official oil of the Iron Dog. Our industry-leading motor oils are designed to withstand the toughest conditions, whether you’re racing 2,000 miles across the tundra or commuting to work in temperatures 20 degrees below zero. It’s our goal to let Alaskans and Iron Dog fans everywhere know that AMSOIL is easy to find, race proven and built to protect nearly everything you drive."  

Image alt text AMSOIL Official Oil of Iron Dog Snowmobile Race

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The 2018 Iron Dog is Feb. 16 – 24, 2018.  

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My name is Kevin Eyre, Independent AMSOIL Dealer, T-1 Certified since 2015. Graduating from the University of Arizona, in Agricultural Technology Management, with an emphasis in Turfgrass Management, gave me an interest in equipment maintenance and lubrication. The turfgrass industry is one that relies heavily on its machines, and if they are not properly maintained, repairs and downtime can be costly to turf managers. Looking back I was always intrigued with the maintenance and lubrication of all kinds of equipment, pondering over what brands of oil are the best, and with so many to choose from, I would commonly ask myself if there were performance benefits from one brand to the next. Growing up around heavy equipment, my family owning and operating a bus company, working on several golf courses, and owning a small delivery service, I quickly became to realize the importance of using high quality lubricants. Equipment downtime is the last thing you want in the middle of your busy season. Personally putting AMSOIL synthetic lubricants to the test has been very helpful in witnessing the benefits of AMSOIL products, to include cooler operating temperatures, burning less oil, and overall increased protection under extreme working conditions.



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