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Fuse Box 2003 Ford Econoline Van
If you notice some electrical components in the vehicle not working, for example, your power plugs, a fuse may have blown. Due to reliance on phone chargers, navigation systems, and electronics people are more likely to overload the electrical and blow a fuse. My experience with the I-Phone is the inferior cheap chargers, may cause failure, not charging the phones as efficiently as the higher end chargers. So if one or both of the outlet chargers are not working then a fuse is probably blown.

When the appropriate fuse is located use needle nose pliers to pull out the fuse. Once the fuse is pulled out you can identify if it is a blown fuse, by the broken wire within the fuse. The fuse panel diagram was a major help as both of my chargers went out. I would say it was caused by using the cheap $5 charger with my I-Phone. It was so slow to charge causing extra stress on the electrical. Since then I only use the higher grade belkin charger and haven't had any problems since. The fuse panel is located below and to the left of the steering wheel by the brake pedal. Remove the panel cover to access the fuses and always replace the fuses with one that has the same specified amperage rating. Using a fuse with a higher amperage rating than specified, can cause wire damage and could start a fire.
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My name is Kevin Eyre, Independent AMSOIL Dealer, T-1 Certified since 2015. Graduating from the University of Arizona, in Agricultural Technology Management, with an emphasis in Turfgrass Management, gave me an interest in equipment maintenance and lubrication. The turfgrass industry is one that relies heavily on its machines, and if they are not properly maintained, repairs and downtime can be costly to turf managers. Looking back I was always intrigued with the maintenance and lubrication of all kinds of equipment, pondering over what brands of oil are the best, and with so many to choose from, I would commonly ask myself if there were performance benefits from one brand to the next. Growing up around heavy equipment, my family owning and operating a bus company, working on several golf courses, and owning a small delivery service, I quickly became to realize the importance of using high quality lubricants. Equipment downtime is the last thing you want in the middle of your busy season. Personally putting AMSOIL synthetic lubricants to the test has been very helpful in witnessing the benefits of AMSOIL products, to include cooler operating temperatures, burning less oil, and overall increased protection under extreme working conditions.



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